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Your parking lot, road, or driveway may have some problem areas while the majority of it is still in a good condition. These areas may include pot holes, cracking, high or low spots or utility trenches.  A cost effective solution may be to resurface or "overlay" the existing pavement.

How does the resurfacing process work?

Depending on the project, the first step typically involves milling. A machine known as an asphaltic mill “shaves” the top of the asphalt surface so that the new asphalt matches the existing asphalt, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, or concrete pads. The mill shaves the existing asphalt down to the thickness that the overlaid surface receives. Areas that cannot be accessed by the mill are removed.


Most asphalt overlays involve a process known as base patching, which require removal and replacement of the very poor areas. This is followed by another process, a street sweeper prepares the surface and a tack coat adhesive is applied to help the two surfaces bond together.


After the area is prepared, the first layer of asphalt - known as the “leveling course” is applied. This layer helps re-grade areas of the existing asphalt that may have drainage issues. Thickness of this layer may vary due to the inconsistencies of the existing surface.


Finally, the surface layer of asphalt is applied. The thickness of an asphalt overlay depends on the existing asphalt’s condition. The more damage to an existing asphalt surface, the thicker the overlay should be. The existing asphalt’s drainage is also a major factor. If the grade is flat and drainage is slow, this may mean that a thicker amount needs to be placed at the beginning of the downward slope.


Since we have such extensive experience and direct access to our own equipment and materials, we can provide you with pavement solutions to suit new construction projects of any size or scope.

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